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Snake Earrings

Enhance your face and your outfit with our snake earrings. Real unique and timeless jewelry.

Discover our snake earrings


Our range of snake earrings is an evidence, it is a tradition of jewelry.

From Ancient Egypt to the jewels of England, we work hand in hand with high quality jewellers so that you can proudly display jewels with unique designs on a daily basis.

Based on 316L Stainless Steel, or 925 Sterling Silver, our snake earrings are there to meet all desires.

Offer a snake earring

Want to please a snake fan? Then the snake earrings are ideal to offer in all occasions. Ideal for a woman looking for a sober, elegant or classy style, or for some models, a style more Rock, Gothic, or Metal.

Let yourself be tempted and discover our wide range of snake earrings of all kinds: rose gold, white-gold, with pearl, zirconia, rhodium, topaz, emerald, platinum, gemstone, sapphire, amethyst, ruby, quartz, 14k gold or silver earrings.

Now you have no excuse to see your loved ones with a snake attached to the ear.

And to complete the look and make the perfect gift, you can also opt for one of our snake bracelets, pendants and necklaces from our wide jewelry collection.


Why choose this jewelry?


In any context snake earrings  are one of the best options when it comes to products from the world of jewelry.

The world of jewelry is vast and the snake earrings is a jewel that has managed to establish itself among the classics.

So make your choice: snake earring in silver? in gold? in Metal? Anyway, with such an accessory it is non-negotiable that it brings a unique and elegant touch to any outfit.


What is the snake earring made for you?

Discover a wide range of finely crafted jewelry. For which model will you fall for ? Scanning the wide range of possibilities offered by snake jewelry: classic or original snake earrings, all shapes and sizes are available at Snake-Fashion!

You will find snake earrings as shiny as diamonds thanks to our Zirconium jewels. Super products gold plated with our gold metal of unbeatable quality, our Surgical Steel Alloys result in steel snake earrings that are sure to be a hit with your loved ones.

You can also, for an even more incredible look, associate your snake earring with one of our snake rings around your finger. Your look will grow out of it, so don't wait any longer and order the earrings and the ring of your dreams now.

If you lack inspiration, here are our team's favorite snake earrings:

  • Medusa Snake Earrings: with its rounded shape around which snakes are wrapped, it offers a unique and elegant style.
  • Snake Print Earrings: taking back the skin color of a snake, they will give you an original and wild style.
  • Dangle Snake Earrings: simple and discreet, it offers a touch of elegance without being extravagant.


Our 316L Stainless Steel Snake Earrings


The world of jewelry is now accessible thanks to the rigorous and meticulous work of the Snake-Fashion jewellers. Unique snake earrings with gems selected for their bright colors.



The low carbon content of 316L minimizes the effects of harmful elements (carbon present in the metal and reacts with chromium under the effect of heat, which weakens corrosion resistance).

Therefore, 316L is used in quality jewelry with optimal resistance to the harmful elements present in common metals.




Our designers have pushed the field of snake-shaped alloy modeling to the extreme. Carefully crafted, we deliver quality jewelry.


Sterling silver is composed of 92.5% silver, and the remaining part is copper (mainly copper anyway). This is the reason why sterling silver is commonly called 925 sterling silver or simply 925 silver.

The reason why silver has to be combined with other metals is that it is very difficult to make large designs with pure silver, which is very soft and malleable.

It is necessary to introduce some hardness, by adding other metals such as copper. This is why jewelers are able to make the most complex and delicate designs with 925 sterling silver.

Snake earrings: history and meaning


We are not sure how long women have been wearing snake earrings because it is difficult to find old jewelry because of the custom of melting down all ornaments when a person dies.

There are, however, medieval temple carvings showing earrings with cobras. One can assume that tribal groups probably used snakes as ornaments as long as they worshipped them.

Although the name of the earring refers to snakes, the shape of the ornament often bears little resemblance to the original design. And even though snake worship is practiced by most wearers, it is no longer consciously linked to their private adornment.

The meaning and purpose of wearing a snake emblem is variable. It may represent protection from snake bite, the desire for fertility and longevity or indicate devotion to Lord Vishnu.

The history of a population in India is often revealed by the alteration of the shape of a type of earring, changes that have occurred as a result of the passage from one group to another, but different.

This is evident with the nagali of Rajasthan and Gujarat, where the most abstract forms of snake earrings can be found. The four existing types are different in appearance, but reveal fundamentally identical designs.


So, all you have to do now, is to find the earrings that are right for you, whether they are stud earrings, gold earrings, hoop earrings, sterling silver earrings, diamond stud earrings, crystal earrings or chandelier earrings.

Whatever jewelry earrings you are looking for, you are bound to find what you are looking for.