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Snake Fashion Store | About us



At Snake-Fashion™, we offer a wide range of snake fashion accessories and items.




The snake, possessing the ability to change its skin, is the symbol of change and rebirth.
Through our store, we wish to offer the possibility to everyone to be able to "change skin" and to fully express their personality and style.
Far from the ambient conformism, dare to be yourself and fully liberate your identity.
We are therefore passionate about fashion and snakes, and are also very committed to the animal cause.

We make it a point of honor to offer trendy items while respecting our love for animals. In this way, none of our snake print items are made of real snake skin in order to preserve the animal welfare.
So give free rein to your unconscious impulses and primal instincts to get a custom-made style, without any remorse.

You will thus find different collections, all scrupulously selected, including :







The Snake Rings

Both luxurious and original, our snake rings will bring a real plus to any of your outfits.

In our workshop, our philosophy is to satisfy your every desire. Each piece is created with love and true expertise.










 Snake print clothes

Wild and elegant, snake-print clothing is more trendy than ever.
Whether it is our snake print dresses, t-shirts or skirts, they will offer you a unique style that will leave no one indifferent.





Snake Boots

Perfect to match the rest of your outfit, our snake print boots will give you a complete and matching look.

A timeless fashion accessory, you can wear them for any occasion.






Snake bags

And finally, in order to totally complete your look, we also offer many accessories including snake-printed bags, belts and phone cases.
Everything you need to perfect your look and assert your personality.






A word from the Snake-Fashion founder :

"Fascinated by snakes and passionate about fashion since the beginning, I decided to create this brand to simply combine these two passions.

Having never really found my way in the professional world and always felt on the margins of society, this project and the true realization of my personality and my passions.
This is the first time that I can fully blossom and propose something that corresponds to me and is meaningful to me.

Through this brand, I wish to offer everyone the opportunity to dare to express their true personality.

To free oneself and, in a way, to be reborn, like the snake that changes its skin.
All of this with unique snake clothing and jewelry, representing both elegance and anti-conformism".