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Snake Ring

Give in to temptation and discover our wide range of snake rings. Fascinating and elegant, they will add a unique touch to your outfit.

Snake Ring - Symbolic Fantasy Jewelry


There is no collection of jewelry more adapted than our Snake Rings to express the personality of the person who decides to wear them every day. Discreet, they transmit on all occasions a message or a code, and express non-conformity.

Even within the formidable diversity of modern clothing styles, hands often remain naked and ready to be decorated with an original personal ring to become the subtle revelations of a profound identity.

As the saying goes: "show me your hands, I'll tell you who you are". The meaning of this proverb has evolved with the times and if from now on the stigmas left by hard work are no longer a sign of distinction and belonging to a group, buying an 18K Gold Plated Snake Ring, testifies to the personality and originality of its wearer.




Deeply rooted in the imagination of humanity, the spiritual figure of the snake is a symbol of vitality and wisdom. Inspired by the slender and mysterious shape of the snake, our many models of Snake Rings are timeless original creations that capture the soul of this unique animal.

From the simplest to the most sophisticated, all our signet rings and adjustable rings are imbued with this profound symbolism, the very essence of the iconic stylistic language of Snake-Fashion. The singularity of each of these unusual companions makes them exceptional beings.

More than a simple Snake Ring, worn on the finger the snake becomes a totem and a protective talisman embodying the wild part of the spirit of its wearer. To wear a snake ring is above all to distinguish oneself, by adorning oneself with an elegant jewel with a subtly threatening aura.




Truly unique in its light, sensual undulating shape, a Snake-shaped Ring for Women is an ode to seductive feminine glamour. The fine curves of a double ring gracefully wrap around the phalanx of the lady of character. A jewel revealing a spirit mischievous enough to dare to wear a woman's silver ring so exotic and singular.

A timeless bohemian style, the Gold Snake Ring for Women is already recognized in the world of women's jewelry as a trend that has survived through the ages, while keeping its animal charm intact.

Attracting femininity and embodying seduction, the purchase of a snake ring is the reflection of the soul of its future wearer. And if the most beautiful roses have thorns, magnificent snakes can be venomous.

Worn with a snake print dress and snake print boots, it guarantees you a unique and perfectly matched look: feminine and wild.




Like a Royal Cobra Snake Ring with protruding hooks, the snake's slender and majestic appearance often conceals a relentless hunter.

In silver or gold, a snake ring for men reflects the elegance of the wearer and at the same time his wild and indomitable side buried deep inside him.

Indeed, the snake is solitary and cunning, symbolizing a calm and powerful image. These jewels are a symbol of fighting power and domination. Just as the viper uses its deadly power with restraint, the wearer of the magnificent snake ring uses this jewel to symbolize that he has mastered the beast that is hiding in his body.

A beautiful snake ring for men perfectly depicts the spiritual aspect of this cold-blooded animal and accurately reflects the wild aspect of the male soul and brings a bestial and elegant style to the wearer.



Summum of refinement, our Animal Rings are imagined, designed then manufactured with passion in a traditional way and on request, in order to propose an authentic range full of personality. Offering one of our snake rings as an engagement ring or wedding ring is a wonderful gift idea for your soul mate.

Because we know that such an original ring is the focal point of an outfit, we work as closely as possible with our suppliers and carry out rigorous controls to ensure the irreproachable quality of each piece of snake jewelry we sell.

Because of its stretchy rolled form, an Adjustable Snake Ring is easily adjustable once passed to the finger. This is why some of our pieces are one size fits all. For our other models, we provide you with a measuring guide to help you choose your ideal ring size.




Whether they are made of steel or silver, all our Animal Rings are hypoallergenic. Our jewelry is absolutely free of nickel and other materials that are toxic to the body. Because of their purity, they do not irritate the skin and do not contain any allergens.

The rings we sell are made of three main materials.



The zirconium or zirconia that presses some of our jewelry should not be confused with rhinestones (artificial gems) and zircon (natural gems).

It is a man-made semi-precious stone.

As it looks like a diamond, it is widely used in jewelry design. Zirconium gemstones can come in a variety of colors and styles, from emeralds and rubies to sapphires and amethysts.

Encased in its reptile-shaped setting, this semi-precious stone imitates the sublime sparkle of a Snake Diamond Ring. Because of their brilliance, cubic zirconium oxides are the second best substitute for diamonds after moissanite.



The purest and strongest alloy steel that can be used in the jewelry industry, this solid metal is also known as surgical steel.

The special thing about this sober steel and chrome alloy is that it can reflect light and shine like rose gold or silver, but it can also be intentionally aged. And this will not change its intrinsic quality.

The snake ring made of this metal will not change color over time. This is why many of our snake rings are made of this silver metal.

This is because it will not turn black like lower grade steel alloys. Therefore, the 316L stainless steel ring is a reliable and quality jewel weighing only a few grams, capable of withstanding the test of time.



Silver 925 or Sterling Silver (identifiable with the "925" hallmark) is a noble material, widely used in the world of jewelry. This precious metal is composed of 92.5% pure silver, the rest of the composition including various other metals used to make the silver ring stronger, such as copper, brass, tin or zinc.

It is a noble material and excellent quality, that's why some of our snake rings that we propose below, are made with it.

Each of them is covered with a thin layer of this metal, the rhodium, to give them a bright and pure color.

Neutral silver color and easy to wear, a 925 silver ring is ideal to enhance any outfit with chic and discretion. This is illustrated by Sterling Silver Snake Ring, with which the first lady distinguished herself elegantly during a speech.

Although this is not a sign of poor quality, but rather an intrinsic property of the chemical composition of silver plating, it naturally darkens over time. The speed of this process varies according to a multitude of factors and can start as early as several weeks or months. Therefore, to preserve the initial shine as long as possible, it is essential to avoid putting your silver jewelry in contact with water, perspiration, creams and perfumes.




In order to keep your serpentine ring in pristine condition for as long as possible, as it was on its first day, here are some simple maintenance tips that we strongly recommend you follow:

  • Use a microfiber cloth or special cleaning products to best clean your ring while maintaining its luster.
  • Avoid leaving your jewelry in contact with water for a long time, whether your jewelry is made of steel or silver.
  • In the same way, avoid putting your rings in contact with any type of chemical products.




Some people are attracted by the mythological style of snake rings that represent time and eternity, most often when this reptile bites itself on the tail. It represents the Ouroboros, an ancient symbol representing spiritual renewal.

It is believed that this symbol was inspired by the Milky Way, thanks to ancient writings describing a snake of light living among the heavens.

The circle, represented in this symbol, has always been an important sign among ancient civilizations, representing wholeness, completeness, perfection. The ring without beginning or end also represents in some cultures the Sun, the Moon and the Universe.

Symbolism of the Snake Ring during the Renaissance

At the last rebirth, people, especially women, tend to wear snake jewelry to indicate their grief. Thus, the snake as a symbol of life had been transformed into a symbol of death. It was very common for widows to wear snake jewelry for the rest of their lives in honor of their deceased wife.

Beginning in the 1700's, the symbolism of the snake would change again. This time the fertility symbolism of the snake was emphasized and the snake was seen as a symbol of love.

In the 19th century, the snake ring was very popular with women who found the style attractive. Snake signet rings could be worn in conjunction with a snake bracelet for exemple.

Snake: symbol of Freedom

Fast forward to the early 20th century, especially in the 1920s or earlier, and the symbolism of the snake ring should still evolve.

This time, snake rings and jewelry became popular with women who saw it as a symbol of exoticism and freedom. The preferred images of the snake ring had shifted to a non-Ouroboros type, a poisonous snake with one or more heads often set with precious or semi-precious stones.

The preferred stones were almost always red in color and were usually rubies or garnets. However, diamonds💎 and emeralds came in second place. Those who could not afford stones often had snake rings with colored glass pupils.

Thus, the snake rings in addition to their elegance have a deep meaning and history. It is however important to note that these are not the only jewels that take the shape of the snake.

Indeed there are also bracelets, pendants, necklaces and snake earrings. These can be found in different styles and colors as well as composed of different gemstones (blue sapphire, ruby, aquamarine, quartz, opal, birthstone, citrine, ...)

It's up to you to find the Jewellery that suits you.