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Snake Necklace

As the centerpiece of an outfit, the snake necklace will naturally attract all eyes.

Pendant, chain and snake necklace: unique jewelry

A real jewel in the middle of the chest, necklaces are jewelry that is worn closest to the heart. This ornament is therefore a catalyst of emotions and personality like no other.


In addition to its unique aesthetic aspect and its emotional significance, the necklace is also an excellent way to materialize an important memory, or a deep spiritual belief.

If sometimes an amulet or a Gold or Silver Snake Necklace is also worn as a good luck charm, they can also simply be worn for aesthetic purposes for its unique and elegant side.

The snake necklaces are very trendy and true fashion accessories. Their purchase is therefore very appropriate for a gift idea for example.


Buy a snake necklace



If you are looking to buy a unique and elegant snake necklace, which will enhance any of your outfits, then you are in the right place at Snake-Fashion.

Combining simplicity, elegance, danger, delicacy and mystery, our jewelry fascinates, just like the wonderful reptile that is the snake. Erected as an iconic figure of finesse and vitality, worn as a necklace this reptile breathes all the strength of its symbolism into the wearer's outfit.

Our necklaces are full of character and draw their inventiveness from the little-known world of the snake style, which has inspired the world of jewelry for thousands of years.

You can find among our wide collection of snake jewelry necklaces very varied: Silver necklace, Chain necklace, Pendant necklace, Link necklace, Snake chain, Gold necklace, Silver chain, Pearl necklace, Rose gold, Plated, 14k gold, Gemstones, 18k gold.

And for a complete and perfectly matched look, you can complete it with our Snake Jewelry collection including snake earrings, snake bracelet and snake rings.


The snake necklace for women


Very evocative, the bewitching and minimalist curves of the snake have no equal when it comes to perfectly marrying a neckline. A subtle blend of charm and mischief, a Snake Chain Necklace for Women is an ideal piece of jewelry to adorn the neck of a woman of character, who is not afraid to express her personality fully.

The serpentine shape of a beautiful necklace for women has always been a hit, whether worn as a choker or as a pendant, for a very exotic and Bohemian look.

Ideal to accessorize an outfit, but reserved for emancipated women and of character, not afraid to attract to them the glances, and to express fully their femininity.

The singular duality and symbolism of a Silver Snake Necklace for Women will only reveal its full meaning and genius when it adorns the neck of a sensual and seductive woman, with a wild soul sparkling with mischief. Isn't this a perfect definition of the modern "femme fatale"?

The snake necklace for men


One of the primordial symbols attributed to snakes is vitality and regenerative energy. This energy associated with the man, represents masculinity and virility.

Proudly wearing a Gold Snake Necklace around one's neck is thus an ostentatious sign of cleverness of mind, will and strength of character. Like the snake, the wearer of such an artifact is able to keep his cool in spite of emotional overload and events whatever they may be. But when the need arises, he remains capable of taking by cunning, strength and will, what he longs for.

Our range of snake necklaces includes models for men with designs that give off a real aura of power. Each necklace, such as the Ouroboros, is designed as a talisman that perfectly reflects the will to succeed and the determination that lies dormant in every man.


How are the snake necklaces and pendants made?


At Snake-Fashion, each of our snake jewelry is thought, created and forged with passion and a unique jeweler's know-how, and this, only on demand. This with the sole objective of offering an authentic range of quality and full of personality.

Because we know that such an unusual Snake Style Necklace must be unique and impeccable. We want to be a company close to our customers and suppliers. We therefore carry out meticulous checks to ensure the impeccable quality of each piece that our customers acquire.

Thanks to their unique and original serpentine shape, some of our snake necklaces, just like some of our rings, are adjustable and are therefore only offered in one size. This single size is adjustable and will fit perfectly to your neck and morphology, for a unique and impeccable result.

Once around your neck, our pendants and original snake necklaces will give you a unique style that will attract everyone's attention.


Materials and composition of our Snake-Fashion necklaces

Whether they are made of steel, silver or gold, all Snake-Fashion necklaces are hypoallergenic. Our jewelry is guaranteed to be free of nickel and other harmful components. Because of the purity of their alloy, they do not attack the skin and do not contain any allergens, in order to preserve your skin like the snake.

Among our large collection of snake necklaces, you will find 3 main materials:


1) 925 Sterling Silver Snake Necklaces


925 Sterling Silver is a precious material, widely used in the jewelry world. Composed of 92.5% pure silver, this noble alloy is a safe bet. The rest of the composition integrates various other materials used to make the jewel more resistant, such as copper, zinc and brass for example.

Some of our Solid Silver Snake Chain Necklaces are also coated with a thin layer of rhodium. Rhodium-plated silver gives a unique polished look to the jewelry, giving it a brighter shade and a resplendent appearance.

Discreet silver color and simple to wear, a Silver Snake Necklace is the perfect piece to elegantly enhance any kind of style.

It is important to note, however, that silver is a metal that naturally tends to darken over time. Therefore, in order to preserve its shine as long as possible, it is important to avoid putting it in contact with water, creams or perspiration.


2) Zirconium snake necklace

Zirconium or Zirconium Oxide (not to be confused with zircon which is a natural stone, nor with rhinestones) which decorates and sets some of our jewelry, is a semi-precious stone created by man and widely used in the jewelry world. And this for its characteristics and properties that gives it an appearance very similar to diamond.

In addition, the zirconium stone can present various colors: from emerald to ruby, through sapphire and amethyst.

Cubic zirconium oxides, used in the making of some of our jewelry and snake necklaces, are thus, thanks to their quality and brilliance, the second best substitute for diamond after moissanite.

3) Snake Necklace in Stainless Steel 316L

This quality and robust metal, also called "surgical steel", is a high-end steel. It is simply the strongest metal that can be used for jewelry creations.

Composed mainly of chromium and steel, it has the particularity of being able to be worked in such a way as to reflect the light and sparkle like rose gold or silver, or to be deliberately blackened. And this, without altering the quality of this fabulous steel.

Thus, a pendant, a chain or a Snake Necklace in Stainless Steel, will not change color or shade, even with the passage of time.

A 316L stainless steel necklace is therefore the silver metal jewelry of choice: reliable and perfectly calibrated to endure daily wear over the long term while maintaining its quality and brilliance.


How to maintain your snake necklace ?


Our snake necklaces are unique and shiny, however, to maintain this quality and shine, it is important to take some precautions. Here is a short list of our best maintenance tips for your snake jewelry:

  • Do not bring your jewelry into contact with water, whether it is silver or steel.
  • Also avoid contact with chemicals.
  • And finally, to clean your silver snake necklace or pendant, always use a microfiber cloth or a specialized cleaning product for that.

Our best snake necklaces:


Both sophisticated and trendy, the jewelry and necklace snake mesh draws its inspiration from the image of the scaled body of this magnificent reptile that fascinates Men since ever.

Indeed, its serpentine undulations have always been perceived as full of grace. We have therefore selected for you the best snake necklaces.

Some of them, composed of solid single joined links, are thus extremely flexible, which gives them a smooth and delicate aspect.

Mixing various colors and lengths, our collection of snake chain necklaces with round or flat chains includes a wide range of sublime models for all desires.

Whatever your choice, a snake necklace is definitely a jewel of first choice when it comes to obtaining a look that is both original, trendy and elegant.

So don't hesitate any longer and fully express your style and your personality!