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How to shorten a snake chain necklace?

Posted by Kim

How to shorten a snake chain necklace?

If you're like me, you've probably bought a snake chain necklace and realized it was too long for your neck.

But don't worry, shortening a snake chain necklace is pretty simple and you can do it yourself with a few basic tools.

Here is a step-by-step guide to help you shorten your snake chain necklace:

1) Measure your desired length

snake chain necklace length

The first step is to determine the exact length you want for your necklace. Use a tape measure to measure the distance between the two ends of the necklace when you wear it around your neck. This will give you the length you want.

2) Remove the clasp of your snake chain necklace

buy a snake chain necklaces fashion

Once you have determined the length you want, remove the clasp from the necklace. This will allow you to remove the extra links and shorten the necklace.

3) Remove the extra links

Use pliers to remove the extra links from the necklace. Open the loop of the link with the pliers and remove it. Repeat this step for any extra links you wish to remove.

4) Attach the clasp

women wearing a snake chain necklace

Once you have removed the extra links and the necklace is the desired length, attach the clasp to the end of the necklace.

And that's it, your snake chain necklace is now the right length! Remember, if you're not comfortable doing this yourself, you can always go to a jeweler and have them shorten the necklace for you.

In conclusion, shortening a snake chain necklace may seem daunting, but with the right tools and a few simple steps, you can do it yourself.

So feel free to customize the length of your necklace to perfectly suit your style and body type.

And now that your snake chain necklace fits perfectly, all you have to do is wear it in style. If you're in need of inspiration, you can check out our article on how to wear a snake necklace.

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