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Best snake boots: Top 10

Posted by Kim

Best snake boots: Top 10

Snake print boots are a true timeless fashion accessory. Original, wild and incredibly stylish.

They allow any woman who wears them to immediately highlight her and make her more feminine than ever.

However there are many different styles and colors. It is not always easy to know which ones to choose.

The first question to ask yourself is what style and impression do you want to give off by wearing this kind of boots?

Depending on your answer, you will be able to decide which model to go for.


It depends for example if you are looking for a real eccentric and sexy look, in which case you will probably go for colored snake boots, in green or red for example, and with long stilettos.

If on the other hand you are simply looking for small original boots but more discreet and all-purpose for everyday life, then you can rather go for boots with flat soles and with more sober colors like white and black.

Anyway, through this article we are going to propose you the 10 best snake print boots according to us.

After reading this article, we have no doubt that you will have found the perfect pair of boots for you!


10) The Snake Print Boots Vintage


Without further ado, we begin our ranking of the best snake boots.

And the least we can say is that this ranking starts strong, with in tenth position the Snake Print Boots Vintage.

Both very feminine and elegant, it remains quite discreet.

With their high waist (below the knee) and their square heel, they are the perfect compromise between comfort and style.


9) The Snake Print Boots Romantic


Same principle as the previous snake print boots, namely perfect compromise between comfort for your feet and elegance, the major difference being the color.

Indeed, we go from a brown / khaki snake print, to a red snake print. Model that will perfectly match all those who love to attract all eyes and not go unnoticed.


8) The Black Snake Booties Heels


Simple, comfortable, elegant, the adjectives to describe these little snake booties with square heel are numerous.

Thanks to their snakeskin pattern, they will perfectly enhance your style without overdoing it.


7) The Green Snake Booties


The very symbol of femininity, these boots with their bright green snake print and their stiletto heels are not for everyone (and not for all feet).

Reserved for the most seasoned and seductive of you, they will not leave anyone indifferent.


6) The Snake Print Boots Black Mamba


Sobriety and chic. These small black boots with square heel and zip closure, will be perfect for evenings or chic meals accompanied by an elegant dress or suit.


5) The Gold Snake Booties


We now arrive at the half of our ranking and what a way!

We find in fifth place the beautiful golden snake print booties.

Comfortable, elegant and with a bright color, they will be perfect for those who love luxury and chic looks.


4) The Snake Print Knee High Boots


These snake print high boots are the very symbol of elegance.

Paired with a snake print dress, they will give you a look that is as unique as it is feminine.


3) The Brown Snake Print Boots


Now we come to our top 3, and we start it with our Brown Snake Print Boots.

Featuring a mid-high high heels and beautiful brown snake prints, they can match many outfits and can be worn in just about any situation

This is a bit of a go-to snake boot that you're sure not to be disappointed with.


2) The Snake Print Ankle Boots


The end of the ranking is approaching ... We find in second place the Snake Print Ankle Boots!

Taking the patterns of the skin of this legendary and dangerous reptiles that is the snake, these boots with stiletto heel will ensure you an inimitable style and chic

Perfect for a chic spring or summer evening. Elegance incarnate.


1) The Snake Print Thigh High Boots


And here are the ones you've been waiting for! In first place of our ranking we find our wonderful Snake Print Thigh High Boots!

Symbol of elegance, chic and femininity.

With their black and white snake print, their high stiletto heel and their padded interior, they offer an incredible style while remaining extremely comfortable.

They will be perfect to accompany you for important and dressy parties or events, in which you are guaranteed to make a sensation!


And so our ranking of the best snake boots comes to an end. We hope you like it even if you don't agree with it?

In that case, don't hesitate to share with us your opinion and which boots you would have put in first position.

In any case if you want to buy one of these snake boots, feel free to have a look at our Snake-Fashion collection by clicking on the button below:


You will find all the models presented in this article and more!

So dare the snake print and fully express your personality and your style!

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