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How to style a snake print dress?

Posted by Kim

How to style a snake print dress?

The snake print is a timeless style that is back in force in recent years.

Present in many dressings, it has quickly become the flagship print on all clothing: from shoes to dresses, through various fashion accessories.

We will thus in this article present you this print in detail, and more precisely the snake dresses.

We will give you all our best advice to wear this beautiful print at best and dazzle your entourage by your presence and elegance.


The snake print, the ideal style for a wild, urban and elegant look.

Snake print has been around in the fashion world for ages, but it's been back in the spotlight since the late 2000s, competing with another legendary print: leopard print.

This elegant and wild print has imposed itself by its originality and its inimitable style all over the world and through many diverse fashion accessories.

You can find it on dresses, pants, boots, belts, bags, jewelry and even earrings.

But then how to wear this unique print? Here are some tips:


Fashion tips for wearing snake print

Things to know and favor to wear this print at best:

  • Favour fluid cuts
  • Mix the print with neutral tones (camel, off-white, brown, beige, etc.)
  • Stay sober! Do not mix several kinds of prints (unless you are at Fashion Week...)

Now that we've seen the basics, let's get to the heart of the matter and see how to wear your snake print dress beautifully.


The snake print dress, our fashion tips:

Whether it's for a special day or a big event, a snake print dress is sure to make a statement. I'm personally a fan of this print and haven't been able to get rid of it since I bought my first snake dress a few years ago.

I'm personally a fan of loose fitting dresses with a belt and little snake print boots. But this is only one style among all the possibilities that this print offers.

So you can also, when the weather warms up, try wearing a short sleeve snake dress with a pair of sandals, open and comfortable.


Or, for a girls' night out, opt for a tight snake dress combined with a pair of heels instead. You are guaranteed to make an impression!

So if you're in the mood for change and originality, you should just go all out. There's literally no reason not to wear a head-to-toe snake print. You might even get hooked.

And if the pattern isn't enough, play with colors, tropical, bright red, python print goes perfectly with different colors.

Now here is without further ado our selection of the best looks with a snake dress to give you a maximum of ideas and inspirations for your outfits.


Our Top 5 styles and outfits with snake print:

1. Snake print dress: chic style


With its cut and its fitted waist, it will ensure you, associated with a belt and black tights, a style both original and chic. Perfect for appointments or daily life.


2. Snake print dress: sexy style


If you opt for a shorter and tight snake print dress, you will assume to have an extremely sexy look that will not leave indifferent. Perfect for the most outgoing and feminine.


3. The snake print dress: flashy style


Variation of the sexy style. Just as tight, the dress is this time long and with high collar. Perfect for those who want to attract attention and highlight their femininity without showing too much.


4. Casual and light style


Sleeveless and with a fitted cut, this type of snake dress will offer you an atypical and light look. Perfect for the sunny and hot days of spring or summer for example.


5. The Classic


If you are looking for a snake print dress without looking too extravagant, this type of dress is for you. Simple and elegant, it can be worn on any occasion without any problem.


Other outfits with snake print:

In addition to the snake print dress, there are many accessories using this pattern in the image of this legendary animal that is the snake.

For example, among the safe values we find a snake pants with white turtleneck sweater or snake print boots with skinny jeans, a printed shirt with a trapeze skirt.

As for accessories, we calm the game by choosing fine and discreet pieces. To bring out the "femme fatale" potential of the print, we can choose a belted slit dress, simple but super effective... The piece to dare? The snake print waders! To avoid falling into the vulgar, you can associate them with a simple sweater dress. (The python print waders are coming soon at Snake-Fashion).


To be chic and elegant in python, the blouse and black slim combo will have its little effect! With a nice pair of black or cream nubuck pumps, this outfit will make you look like a femme fatale.

For the most rocker among you: a pair of pants or a zipped skirt with this reptilian print will be of the most beautiful effect. Associated with a white t-shirt and the mythical trench, these pieces will create a sophisticated and elegant look that will not go unnoticed, we guarantee it!


If you prefer to play the sensuality card, you can always opt for the long python dress and a pair of black sock boots. The fluidity of the outfit will contrast with the wild side of the pattern.

Finally, if you've already tamed the beast, why not wear a Perfecto style jacket or a coat with a python pattern! The combination of a white bohemian flowing dress with a snake accessory for a chic look, a python dress and a wicker bag for a more wild look!

Have fun creating original outfits, be creative!

Even if the brown snake print remains a must-have, this one sees the new season in color! And we understand that. Grey, burgundy, beige or multicolored, the snake revisits with originality and a lot of nerve the seven colors of the rainbow.

A range of shades that brighten the boots, pumps and sneakers of the winter season. Find our collection of snake shoes and boots for women right here! There's something for everyone! Our collections are constantly growing, so don't hesitate to come back to see what's new!


Now that you know how to perfectly match your outfits with this beautiful print, you just have to let your imagination run free to create new outfits!

Don't hesitate to post your most beautiful outfits on Instagram with the hashtag #snakefashion, the most beautiful ones will be selected and posted on our profile and maybe even on our website for the best ones!

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